🎁 The app is currently in an early version and priced at 50% of the original price. If you find a unique bug in Music Plus, please give us feedback and we will send you a Music Plus Pro as a gift and thank you for using our product.

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Frequently asked questions and our answers.

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Why adding songs to library failed?

We’ve received some feedback from some users that the interface keeps pending. This is a network issue with Apple Music. If you can’t add music in Music Plus, it will also take longer to add music to your library in Apple Music app. The current solution is to try again after a while.

Control buttons lose response for a few seconds at first launch

When Apple Music is not running, it takes some time for iOS to launch and respond to our requests. We are now working on this issue and are sorry for your poor experience.

Why song artwork image lost?

If you listening stream musics, the artwork loaded from Apple Music online. It depends on network qualitity.

If you listening library music, this case may less appear, due to artwork image store in local.

How to restore my purchase?

Click any premium feature such as “Landscape battery…”, then app will show a card about Music Plus Pro. Click “Restore Purchase” and wait, App Store will sync your purchase info.

Do I need to concern about OLED screen burn-in?

If you using a OLED iPhone, Apple has some technique to solve burn-in case.

Link: About the Super Retina display and Super Retina XDR display on your iPhone

For Music Plus, we also random shift control buttons and other elements.